Jaipur - Must visit destination

Jaipur - Must visit destination



Jaipur - Must visit destination

By far the best place in Rajasthan, Jaipur offers everything a tourist wants. I went to Jaipur with friends from my college for the wedding of a friend. We arrived to Jaipur after a tedious seven hour drive from Delhi. We were informed that the road was not longer than five hours, but the traffic was too bad to allow us that kind of a speed. The wedding was to take place in a big hall within new Jaipur and we were staying not very far from there. The very first thing I noticed was that people from Jaipur are very hospitable and they made sure that we absolutely lacked in nothing.

We arrived in the night and went straight to bed after a little freshening up and dinner. The next morning we were supposed to go out and see Jaipur as the wedding was supposed to take place the day after tomorrow. We went drove out in our car with a driver provided by my friend who was supposed to get married.

As we arrived in the old part of Jaipur, the pictures changed drastically. The new part of Jaipur has tall buildings and wide streets, whereas the old part is crowded and bears too much traffic and noise to adjust with right away. We saw several gates which were beautifully painted. As we had heard this part of town, called as Pink City, had all the buildings painted in pink.

We soon came to Hava Mahal, which stands right on a road with traffic, which I was a little disappointed to see. From the pictures I had thought it would be in a touristy place like always. But the structure is beautiful and I liked it a lot. After this, we went to Jantar Mantar and had a great time with friends. This is a larg garden like place but only with tall concrete structures which are the tools of astronomical measurement instead of trees.

After Jantar Mantar we went to the City Palace Museum. I must say it is one of the most impressive places I have visited. Everything here is very well maintained and the collection of tools from the times of the Kings and the Princes is very impressive. I was told that sometimes the tourists actually got to see the Prince of Jaipur and other royalties while passing and that they also used a portion of that palace as their private residence. I wondered how great it would be to see someone like that.

After this, we went for a nice lunch and tried the famous Dal Bati Churma at one of the popular places of Jaipur. There were many more places in Jaipur that I and my friends wanted to see, but since we had to go back and attend the pre-wedding function of sangeet, we went back to our friend’s place. But on our way back we decided to stay one more day after the wedding and see more of Jaipur, about which I will write soon.

Part 2

Previously I wrote about half my trip to Jaipur for my friend Anuj’s wedding and here I am to share the rest of my experience. I must say, this wedding in Jaipur was a great experience. We danced a lot with many of Anuj’s local friends from Jaipur and had the time of our life. After the wedding we had gone out on a drive during night and had a lot of fun that time too. It’s a joy to drive on the streets of new parts of Jaipur.

The next day of the wedding, we had decided to stay one more day and see some of the other wonders at Jaipur. In morning, after the breakfast, we went to Jal Mahal. Though it looked very nice, the driver told us that it looks even more beautiful during evenings and that we would come there again on our way back, so we left almost immediately.

We spent the next few hours visiting the forts of Jaipur. To go there you have to drive up the hill and you get some nice views of the town on your way up. The first fort that we visited was Jaigarh. It wasn’t really like a regular fort that I had expecting to be, but it did have a good feel about it, especially after we entered and drove past a large reservoir of water, which was mostly dry. But there was a steep slope near it from where we went to the top of the fort. There is a wonderful cannon placed here, which I was really excited to see. It is very big and I our driver, Sumair said was the biggest in the world. We spent some time roaming around. We also saw a museum in the fort, but next to City palace Museum in the town, there wasn’t much to see here.

The next fort we went to was Nahargarh Fort. We were shown the spot where some scenes from the film Rang De Basanti were shot. This is a nice palace, rather than a fort. There are some very nice rooms in the palace which were used by the royalties in the past.

After seeing Nahargarh Fort we returned to the town. It had taken us almost four hours to see the two forts and we were very hungry when we came back. We had another nice lunch at one of the restaurants near Jal Mahal. After this we spent some more time at Jal Mahal.

I wanted to spend some more time in Jaipur and see the Sound and Light Show at Amber Fort that many people had told us about, but since a friend of ours had to be at her office the next morning, we decided to leave for Delhi. Thankfully, we managed to leave around 5 pm and reached home by 12 in the night.

Though we could not spend more time at Jaipur than we would have loved, it was certainly a memorable visit. I loved the food and hospitable people of Jaipur and off course the beautiful places that we visited.


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